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Meet the Team

The Griffith Collective is home to our Social Media team of students, who create, debate and relate on student life here at Griffith Uni.

Charlotte Fung
Blog Writer

Bachelor of Music

Charlotte is a multi-instrumentalist with a passion for music teaching. She finds doing physie a fun way to keep fit and enjoys cruising with her family.

Zehra Rabbani
Blog Writer & Social Media Intern

Bachelor of Business, major in Marketing

Zehra is from a culturally diverse background and now calls Australia her home. She loves spending time with her family, who are scattered across the globe, and discovering new places. Zehra is never seen without a coffee in her hand.

Kshish Rana

Bachelor of Business, major in Entrepreneurship

Kshish has a genuine passion for social media and connecting with other individuals. She loves to read with a hot chocolate in her hand, is keen to try new things and loves travelling with her family.

Nicole Clowes

Bachelor of Animation with Honours

Nicole is a 2D Animator & Illustrator whom is passionate about creative storytelling. She also loves to watch old school movies and try out different varieties of tea.

Bridget O'Brien
Writer / Journalist

Bachelor of Music in Performance, Classical Voice

Bridget has a zeal for probably too many things – but her principle obsession is writing. She’s passionate about show-tunes, trivia nights and Robert de Niro playing the bad guy.

Zoë Keidge
Graphic Design & Instagram

Bachelor of Business / Bachelor of Digital Media, major in Marketing and Graphic Design

Zoe is a young and enthusiastic Graphic Designer, Marketer and Social Media guru, who in her spare time travels the world, going on adventures that include jumping out of planes, snowboarding, surfing and diving with turtles.

Elisha Tahata
Blog Writer

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychological Sciences

In her spare time, Elisha enjoys taking her dog for walks, reading, and working on her own blog and Facebook page which both focus primarily on Autism, drawing on her own experiences of being an autistic adult, to talk and write about autism.

Ami Goeree
Blog Writer

Bachelor of Laws and Bachelor of Psychological Science

Ami is a young writer who practically lives in her lecture rooms. When she’s not finding out everything there is to know about the universe, endlessly writing short stories or travelling the world, she takes the time to go see a musical or two.